2x4 Fluorescent Light Cover​

Feel like you’ve been out in the sunshine all day​

A 2X4 fluorescent light cover from Make Great Light can go a long way toward improving your indoor environment. While natural sunlight is the way humans were designed to get their light, we don’t live outside anymore. Artificial light has been critically important to the development of civilizations, but they have their drawbacks. Why not bring all the benefits of natural light indoors – minus the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation? That’s exactly what Make Great Light NaturaLux light filters do.

Migraine Headaches and Fluorescent Lighting

2x4 Fluorescent Light CoverFor decades, fluorescent lighting has been a staple of offices, classrooms, and other indoor environments around the world. It’s a lot less expensive than traditional incandescent light bulbs, and it consumes far less energy.

But with those advantages come some significant issues – especially when it comes to the health of people who sit under them for several hours every day.

Fluorescent lighting can trigger migraine headache attacks. If you don’t suffer from migraines yourself, there’s a pretty good chance you know someone who does. Migraine attacks can be horrible, making it seem almost impossible to accomplish even the simplest everyday tasks.

One of the main culprits is photosensitivity, which can make it hard for the brain to be able to process certain wavelengths of light. Another is simple glare. Fluorescent lights are, as you know, extremely bright. This can lead to an intense amount of glare.

If you’ve been outside on a sunny day without sunglasses, you know very well how glare can make you feel – and it’s not good. It puts a lot of strain on your eyes, and can make you feel fatigued. Now imagine dealing with that issue eight or more hours a day. You can easily see why it can be a trigger for someone who is already prone to migraines.

What Can You Do About the Effects of Fluorescent Lighting?

One of the best ways of reducing the chances of suffering a migraine attack due to fluorescent lighting is to ask your employer to install fluorescent light covers. They do a great job of reducing glare, because they limit the amount of light. They also reduce the flickering of fluorescent lighting. Even though the vast majority of people don’t even notice this flickering, it can also be a migraine trigger for some people..

NaturaLux light filters come in 2X4 panels that are very easy to cut into whatever size you need. They last for more than a decade, and they also possess a Class A fire rating. You can easily install them either inside an existing light panel or on top.

These are just a few of the many features of the NaturaLux light filter:

  • Durability – Even though NaturaLux filters are very flexible, they’re also extremely durable, made from tough acrylic that resists impacts.
  • Comfort – Our filters do a great job of diffusing light, reducing transmission by 15-20 percent. This will make your indoor environment much more comfortable while still providing plenty of illumination.
  • Heat resistance – Fluorescent light fixtures can generate a lot of heat, but NaturaLux filters are designed to stand up hour after hour, day in and day out.

Find Out More By Contacting Make Great Light

Talk to an expert with Make Great Light for more information on the NaturaLux 2X4 fluorescent light cover. Contact us online or call 612-399-6484. Please see our common questions and answers for indoor lighting.

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