Egg Crate Light Diffuser

Use our light filters to enhance egg crate style diffusers

Benefits of our Light Panel Covers

  • Visual comfort
  • Glare elimination
  • Full spectrum lighting

How We Enhance Egg Crate Light Diffusers

Our products work with existing egg crates. Our overlay panel filters can be cut to the exact size needed. Make Great Light has inventory in stock and availability to buy directly on our store.

Egg crate light diffuser on a purple background
If you have these style light covers then you need our products for maximum glare reduction. Our filters can go right on top.

Light Filters


Fluorescent tube covers are versatile, durable solution for standard 4′ fluorescent lamps. 

Fluorescent light covers are designed to cover fixtures that are flush to the ceiling. Works with LED too.


Normal Fluorescent Light Filtered

Without (standard)

Standard fluorescent lighting is a sickly yellow-green. The light intensity and off-colors can hurt your eyes.

With NaturaLux

Soft, clean white light that is glare free..
Look how much better the ceiling tiles look.

About Us

We work with office, retail, educational, commercial and clinics. Our order process is very simple and we can ship our stock within a few days of your order. If you need a quote from our store for a large stock order, please fill out our form on our quote request page. On this date, we have plenty of available products.

Visit our testimonial page to learn more about our store before purchasing a panel for your egg crate lighting. Then visit our fluorescent and LED lighting products page and add your product to the shopping cart. Our products are designed to last over 10 years and our panel product only needs to be installed once over your egg crate. 

Egg Crate Light Diffusers 101

Why are egg create style diffusers popular in commercial offices and classrooms? It is an easy way to deflect some of the light from the fixture

What does egg crate light diffuser do?

The help reduce the glare of overhead lighting but do a poor job on their own.

Lower Operating Temperatures

Their open cell design helps lamp performance by allowing free air circulation resulting lower operating temperatures. The egg crate products typically increases ballast life and improves lamp performance, which affects lighting efficiency.

What is a light diffuser panel?

A diffuser panel sits on top of your existing light fixture. It sort of helps soften the light. Egg crate style diffusers on partially diffuse the light. You need a fluorescent light cover to eliminate glare.

How do you remove a fluorescent light cover?

You can read our installation instructions for our products. They detail how to open a light fixture and remove the cover.

Is egg crate heat resistant?

Yes, most if not all egg crate products are heat resistant. Our products also are fire rated.