Change Harsh Fluorescent Light

Experience More Focus, Clarity & Comfort with Natural Lighting

Eliminate Glare
Prevent Headaches
Absorb UV Radiation
Full Spectrum Light
Easy Installation
Natural Lighting
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Fluorescent Light Filters

Change your environment, health and well-being by surrounding yourself with high quality, natural light.

Improved Focus and Fewer Headaches

With fluorescent light filters, you’ll remove glare. This means less headaches, more focus, and clarity and attention to accomplish your daily tasks.

Stop fluorescent light headaches

Natural Light

Does anybody like fluorescent light more than natural light? We didn’t think so either. Our fluorescent light filters spectrally enhance the visible color spectrum, getting it as close to afternoon sunlight as possible.

Make full spectrum light

Cost Effective and Easy to Install

Our fluorescent light filters are a safe, affordable solution that provides you the natural, healthy light you need for improved health and wellness. They install in less than 5 minutes.

Light Filters that are Trusted by Many

Reduce Light Glare
Ultimate Glare Protection
Absorb UV radiation
UV Shield Protection
full spectrum lighting solution
Full Spectrum Light
Save Energy & Raise Productivity

Fluorescent Light Filters


Fluorescent light tube covers are versatile, durable solution for standard 4′ fluorescent lamps.  Eliminates glare and creates healthy lighting.

Anti glare fluorescent light covers are designed to cover fixtures that are flush to the ceiling. Works with LED too. More natural, healthy lighting

Fluorescent light filters for migraines

Q: What is the best fluorescent light filter for migraines? 

A: NaturaLux™ fluorescent light filters from Make Great Light help reduce the likely hood of a migraine by providing 3 crucial elements

  1. Block 100% of the fluorescent light glare. This is especially helpful when a person spends significant time near a computer or other screen. 

  2. Diffuse the light by 20%. NaturaLux™ provides just the right balance of light transmission. 

  3. Color balance and color correct the lighting. By balancing the light color spectrum, NaturaLux fluorescent light filters help your eyes work more efficiently. 
fluorescent light migraines
Fluorescent light filters for migraines
"We did an LED retrofit at my facility, and a few employees began to experience headaches/migraines. Within 2 hours of installing your filters, I began to receive emails expressing gratitude and stating what a difference they already felt."
Perry W.
Ashland, OH

Fluorescent light filters for classrooms

Q: What is the best fluorescent light filter for classrooms? 

A: The best fluorescent light filters are ones that block glare and create full spectrum lighting. Beware of cheap blue tarps that just mask the lighting (and look tacky). 

Professional classroom light filters
"I just installed the panels in my classroom and my co-teacher and I already feel less eye fatigue, even with all of the lights on. The panels were very easy to install and do not result in less light, just different light. I only wish I'd had these 9 years ago when I started teaching!"
Lori F.
Elkins Pointe Middle School

Fluorescent light filters for offices

Q: What is the best fluorescent light filter for offices? 

A: The best fluorescent light filters for offices are ones that eliminate harsh glare and create natural, spectrally enhanced lighting. 

Brighten Up the Office

How to install light filters for fluorescent lights

Whether you choose our fluorescent light covers or our fluorescent light tube covers, installation is a snap and can be performed by anyone. 

Fluorescent Light Covers

  1. Open the fixture door. If you can remove the fixture door, that may be helpful. Otherwise, measure the interior fixture dimensions.
  2. Cut your fluorescent light filter to your dimensions
  3. Tape into place
  4. Close your door and enjoy your filtered lighting!

Fluorescent Light Tube Covers

  1. Cut the power to the light fixture. Open the light fixture so you can access the bulbs. 
  2. Remove the lamps by twisting.
  3. Place a filter cap on one end of the filter. Slide in the lamp and cap the other end. Make sure the caps are snug.
  4. Re-install the lamp with the filter in place. Repeat for the remaining lamps.
  5. Close the fixture and feel the benefits of filtered lighting!

What's new with fluorescent and LED lighting?

Got Questions?

Quick tips on how to make fluorescent lights less harsh​

  1. Try disconnecting one or more of the lamps in the fixture
  2. Position your seating area and computer screens in between light fixtures
  3. Install fluorescent light filters that remove glare and enhance color
  4. Remember that LED lights can be even harder on the eyes than fluorescent