Hate Fluorescent Light?

Transform harsh fluorescent light
into natural, UV-free, glare-free, color-corrected light.

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Fluorescent light filters create GREAT light

Change your environment, health and well-being by surrounding yourself with high quality, natural light.


Remove Radiation

Fluorescent lights produce a lot of harmful radiation. Our filters absorb 100% of dangerous, cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.


Natural Full Spectrum Light

Turn your harsh fluorescent light into full spectrum lighting, and you’ll experience better sleep cycles and reduced symptoms of depression.


Eliminate Glare

Our filters eliminate glare that causes eyestrain. This can help reduce visual fatigue and prevent headaches and migraines.

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

I cannot endorse this product more strongly. I believe student and staff health and performance will benefit and improve.

– Mr. Garis, Principal

…I wasn’t having headaches anymore! As a CAD engineer, the glare reduction is great. Excellent product.

– Ana R., California

These filters gave me my office back!

– Sacil A., Virginia


Our Light Filters

Our full spectrum fluorescent light filters are an affordable solution for your office or classroom.
They are made in the USA and last a lifetime.

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