Lupus Photosensitivity

Light Filters that block harmful UV Rays​

Photosensitivity to fluorescent lighting can trigger lupus flareups

Fight back and change your work environment by creating healthy lighting with NaturaLux fluorescent light filters. Guard agains harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Block UV rays that trigger lupus flare-ups

Fluorescent lighting produces an enormous amount of UV radiation, which can make office lighting unbearable those with Lupus Erythematosus (lupus). 

Exposure to UV rays can cause someone with lupus photosensitivity to experience weakness, lightheaded dizziness or general soreness.

Make Great Light understands how difficult living with lupus can be. Lupus flare-ups can be directly attributed to UV exposure. 

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Fluorescent light filters can help those with UV sensitivity.

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Got these for an employee who has Lupus and who works under fluorescent lights all day. She has said these have made a tremendous difference for her. Thanks!
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Fluorescent Light Covers

Anti glare fluorescent light covers are designed to cover fixtures that are flush to the ceiling. More natural, healthy lighting.

LED Light Covers

LED light covers to help soften overly bright overhead lighting. Designed to cover common LED light fixtures.

Tube Covers for Bulbs

Fluorescent light tube covers are versatile, durable solution for standard 4′ fluorescent lamps.  

Fluorescent Lights and Lupus

If you suffer from lupus photosensitivity, sunlight and overhead fluorescent lighting can make your life miserable. However, light filters can greatly reduce your symptoms.

What Is Lupus Photosensitivity?

Lupus photosensitivity is a condition that causes painful and uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, fever, rashes, and joint pain. Symptoms can vary dramatically amongst sufferers, and the condition can often be difficult to diagnose.

Lupus affects people who are sensitive to the UV radiation that fluorescent light produces. In many cases, sufferer’s symptoms are severe enough to require comprehensive treatment.

What Causes Lupus Photosensitivity?

The ultraviolet rays in sunlight and fluorescent lighting are responsible for a rash that often occurs on the sufferer’s skin.

In most people, damaged or dead cells in this skin are naturally eliminated quickly. But with lupus, the normal cell death occurs more often that it should. This leads to other complications including skin inflammation.

Our Responsibilities to Workers Who Have Lupus

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to ensure the safety of workers with disabilities. If we employ a worker who has a diagnosis of lupus, we must do all we can to avoid causing a flare-up.

In addition to the legal responsibilities, using light filters in our business is a cost-effective decision if we have workers with lupus. Flare-ups often result in time off work or even resignations.

At Make Great Light, we are happy to assist you to provide a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

Resources for lupus photosensitivity

Below is a collection of various resources compiled on office lighting and lupus photosensitivity

Lupus and Working: Your Rights and Responsibilities – Marisa Zeppieri,

Decreasing UV exposure from fluorescent lights –

Fluorescent light photosensitivity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus – Department of Medicine, Louisiana State University Medical Center

Lupus Infographic

Free Infographic

Download a free infographic on lupus stats. Please share with your friends, family and peers.

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