SAD Treatment

Natural light filters for seasonal affective disorder​

Light THerapy

Get constant daylight, while you work.

NaturaLux™ light filters color balance an color correct the light spectrum of indoor lighting. This helps increase the color temperature and the color rendering index. 

Transform your existing fluorescent and LED lights into full spectrum lighting.

Alternative to Light Boxes for SAD

A common treatment for S.A.D. is phototherapy or light therapy. This involves subjecting the body to full spectrum lighting on a daily basis. This can be done with full spectrum light bulbs, daylight bulbs and expensive light therapy boxes.

All these options for seasonal affective disorder treatment consume a lot of energy. With full spectrum light filters, you can create your own natural sunlight in your building with your existing lights.

fluorescent light covers installed
SAD Treatment Light FIlters
Sky Position for Full Spectrum Light
NaturaLux light filters can simulate mid-day sunlight
Full spectrum Lighting Chart
For SAD Therapy, it is recommended the light source be above 5500k
"I swear, after you installed the light covers, I felt better by the time I left work. I thank you and so does my family."
Hellen S.
Sitka, Alaska


Fluorescent Light Covers

Anti glare fluorescent light covers are designed to cover fixtures that are flush to the ceiling. More natural, healthy lighting.

LED Light Covers

LED light covers to help soften overly bright overhead lighting. Designed to cover common LED light fixtures.

Tube Covers for Bulbs

Fluorescent light tube covers are versatile, durable solution for standard 4′ fluorescent lamps.  


Light Treatment to Relieve Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is often referred to as the winter blues. However, for sufferers, the condition is considerably worse than that mild term implies.

People who suffer from SAD often struggle to obtain the diagnosis which also delays treatment.

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal affective disorder is a condition that many people suffer from during late fall and winter. Symptoms include depression, increased appetite, and excessive sleeping.

Although SAD can occur in summer, this is far less common. Seasonal affective disorder symptoms will be similar to those that struggle through the cooler months, including depression, trouble sleeping, and weight loss.

SAD can be difficult to diagnose as a lengthy period of time must pass before a positive diagnosis can be made. Conditions such as thyroid deficiencies must be ruled out and psychological tests must be conducted.

To receive the right treatment for SAD, other depressive disorders must also be ruled out. A physical examination should also be conducted by your doctor to ensure there are no physical conditions causing the symptoms.

At Make Great Light, we know that many people who suffer from this condition have experienced relief with the use of lamps and lighting. However, UV lighting can still be harmful unless filters are used.

What Causes Seasonal Affective Disorder

An exact and identifiable cause of SAD has not been found. However, many scientists believe that the lack of sunlight during the fall and winter months means that the brain produces lower levels of the hormone serotonin.

Serotonin is known to reduce depression and regulate mood. It is also known to be effective in treating anxiety, which can often accompany depression.

Another theory is that the lack of sunlight reduces the amount of melatonin produced in the brain. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone and in tablet form, it is used as a sleeping aid.

Scientists think that the lack of sunlight during the cooler months upsets your natural circadian rhythm. This causes your body to think it’s night time and produces feelings similar to winding down for the day. In extreme cases, this process manifests as depression.

SAD is more common in women than in men and symptoms usually start to appear during young adulthood.

How Does Light Treatment Help Seasonal Affective Disorder Sufferers?

Light treatment, also known as phototherapy, is an effective treatment for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

To receive light treatment, the person is seated a few feet away from a light box and is exposed to a bright light every morning. The light from the box mimics natural light and increases the levels of the chemical serotonin in the brain. Read all about seasonal affective disorder treatment.

However, light boxes are expensive and use a lot of energy. This means the boxes are not a viable option for many people. Our filters work with your existing lights – a budget-friendly option that doesn’t come with any extra cost or nasty side effects.

And, it’s proven that as many as 70% of people suffer from a lack of vitamin D during these same months. Taking a high-quality, high-dose vitamin D3 supplement, along with light therapy should help reduce symptoms.

Why Light Filters Should Be Used with Phototherapy

Although light therapy is beneficial for people with seasonal affective disorder, a light box will still emit harmful UV rays. Light filters should be used to reduce that effect so that sufferers can continue to reap the benefits of this treatment.

Fluorescent light tube covers block out the harmful UV rays emitted by fluorescent lighting and allow people with SAD to get the benefits of light without experiencing any negative side effects from the UV rays.

At Make Great Light, our light filters are durable and will last over 10 years. They’re made from an impact-resistant acrylic material and are designed to withstand the heat that lighting creates.

They are easily cut down to size and are even easier to install.

Indoor sunshine for less

Our NaturaLux™ filters transform your existing fluorescent light into full spectrum lighting. Our full spectrum light filters last for many years and are reusable.

Over the long run, these are much more cost-effective solutions than using full spectrum light bulbs, daylight bulbs or light therapy boxes.

Imagine receiving eight hours of full spectrum light every workday, all while sitting  at your desk!