The Many Benefits of  Light Filters


No product changes fluorescent light as completely as our NaturaLux™ filters. These incredible filters do wonders to your lighting and transform your indoor environment to a place that is healthier for daily living.


How do fluorescent light filters make a
healthy difference?…



Provide full spectrum light

By turning regular fluorescent light into full spectrum light, you are helping your body produce key hormones that regulate mood, sleep cycles, stress and anxiety. People who are affected by seasonal depression will love basking in the daylight our filters produce.

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Reduce eyestrain from glare

Fluorescent light produces glare. A lot of glare. That harsh light disrupts your visual field, which strains your eyes. This leads to visual fatigue, headaches and migraines.

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Absorb dangerous UV rays

Every day you spend under fluorescent lighting, you are subjecting your body to harmful UV radiation. This can cause a number of serious health conditions and fade fabrics and materials. Avoiding UV rays also helps reduce flare-ups for people who have lupus.

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Save money

Reduce lighting cost

Our filters are a cost-effective option compared to other solutions. Your business will greatly benefit from healthier and happier employees. And since the quality of light is greater, you can use fewer fluorescent bulbs.

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World of Difference

Made a world of difference in our space. So glad we did this.

Donna Burkard WestPoint Home