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Our Mission

We are in business to help people work and learn in perfect lighting environment. Our light filtering solutions are a premium product designed by real engineers to solve complex lighting challenges. 

Who We Serve

Since 2015 we have sold NaturaLux™ light filtering products to offices, schools, universities, warehouses, retail, clinics, hospitals, government facilities and more. 

Light filters made in the USA
All Make Great Light Products are manufactured in the U.S.A

About NaturaLux Light Filter Solutions

NaturaLux was invented to solve three large issues with commercial fluorescent lighting. 

  1. Eliminate the glare that can cause eyestrain, headaches, migraines and visual fatigue.
  2. Color balance and color correct the light, which helps to achieve full spectrum light.
  3. Absorb harmful UV radiation emitted by fluorescent light fixtures.

Fluorescent Light Covers

Anti glare fluorescent light covers are designed to cover fixtures that are flush to the ceiling. More natural, healthy lighting.

LED Light Covers

LED light covers to help soften overly bright overhead lighting. Designed to cover common LED light fixtures.

Tube Covers for Bulbs

Fluorescent light tube covers are versatile, durable solution for standard 4′ fluorescent lamps.  

About the Inventor of NaturaLux ™

The inventor of the NaturaLux ™ Filters, Kevin Kirschner, began his career in the United States Air Force as an optometry technician.  

In addition to studying the human visual system, he also studied color photographic darkroom technology.  It was the combination of these two passions that ultimately led to the creation of the NaturaLux ™ Filters.

Dr. Kevin Kirschner Inventor of NaturaLux Filters

Over the span of his 40-year career, Mr. Kirschner has noted that the #1 visual complaint in the eye clinic has been the headaches, eyestrain and visual fatigue caused by artificial lighting. Whether people use incandescent, fluorescent and LED lights, the excessive amount of light leads to the same result: GLARE. Knowing that “noise is to sound as glare is to light”, Mr. Kirschner developed a light-filtering product that addressed glare at its source, the light fixture.

NaturaLux ™ fluorescent light filters were also designed to color-correct and enhance the visible light spectrum of artificial lighting to closely approximate the full spectrum of light provided by midday sunlight.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by artificial lights cause fading problem, which is one of the reasons Mr. Kirschner added a UV absorbing material in each of the NaturaLux ™ products.

The Make Great Light Team

Audrey Hinds, CEO

Audrey, a teacher by day and fearless CEO by night, has many years experience operating in a classroom environment. Audrey recognized that there was a big problem in classrooms across the country. The lighting would cause students to lose focus, especially towards the latter part of the day. Our classroom light filters were designed in part to help provide sensory lighting that helps increase concentration and mood.

Kevin Nistler, National Sales Manager

Kevin has been selling NaturaLux solutions since the beginning. One of Kevin's greatest skills is understanding how natural light can help in an office setting. Kevin is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and works hard to ensure all his customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase of Make Great Light Products.

Erik Hinds, VP Marketing & Operations

Erik often goes by the title "Vice President of Helping People". Erik has helped scale Make Great Light into the successful company it is today. Erik is proud to have helped thousands of customers obtain healthy light solutions for their work environment.