See the difference NaturaLux can make

Not all fluorescent light covers are created equal. Only our NaturaLux fluorescent light covers can transform the light into high quality, color corrected glare-free light.

Here are some side-by-side comparisons of our filters and normal fluorescent light.


The room on the left is regular fluorescent light. The room on the right is filtered with a fluorescent light cover.

fluorescent light covers in the hallway

Both the rooms are illuminated by fluorescent lights. The walls (in both rooms) have been painted a delicate pink. The hallway lighting has been filtered by NaturaLux™  fluorescent tube covers, whereas the lighting in the exam room has not. In addition to the wall colors, compare the differences in the color of the subject’s hair, skin and clothing.


Unfiltered light in a department store


Same store with filtered lighting

Naturalux vs a Decorative Fluorescent light covers

Some people buy a decorative fluorescent light cover, but those do nothing for the quality of the light. To see a real difference you have to filter and transform the light. Only NaturaLux fluorescent light covers and fluorescent light tube covers can eliminate glare, block UV radiation and color-correct your lighting.