Tube Covers for Fluorescent & LED Bulbs

Universal sizes for 4' lamps.

Take your health and happiness into your own hands with easy-to-install, flexible fluorescent light filter sleeves.

Your existing lamp slides right into the filter sleeve. 

Size Chart

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Who Uses Make Great Light?​

These are great! They make such a difference in my office. Fluorescent lighting can sometimes trigger migraines for me and these have significantly cut down on light sensitivity issues at work. They were so easy to install too. Highly recommend!
Meredith Jones

NaturaLux Benefits

Stops fluorescent light headaches
Headaches & Eyestrain​

Remove the harsh glare that can cause eyestrain and trigger headaches or migraines.​

Reduce Light Glare
Focus & Energy

Eyes work more efficiently by providing soft, natural light. Prevents the “afternoon slump”.​

Mood & Sleep

Natural light can help with mood, sleep and seasonal affective disorder.

Absorb UV radiation
UV Sensitivity

Block the UV radiation that can lead to health issues and damage materials.

Heat Resistant

Designed to withstand the heat that light fixtures can emit. ​

Sized for Standard Lights

Filters are 4' long and come in T5, T8 and T12 sizes​

Flexible & Durable

Made from impact resistant acrylic, our fluorescent light covers are tough but flexible .

Lasts Forever

Well, not "forever", but a very long time. 10 years or more.

Diffuses Light

But not too much. Light transmission is cut by about 15-20% depending on the light output of the lamps.

Four fluorescent light tube covers


How to install light tube covers on fluorescent and LED lights

Installation of our tube style fluorescent light sleeves is an easy task. Facilities staff are not required, but we recommend you consult with them beforehand.

No Tools Needed
1. Tightly cap one end of the tube
2. Slide the bulb into the tube
3. Tightly cap the open end


Normal Fluorescent Light Filtered

Without (standard)

Standard fluorescent lighting is a sickly yellow-green. The light intensity and off-colors can hurt your eyes.

With NaturaLux

Soft, clean white light that is glare free..
Look how much better the ceiling tiles look.


Questions about Our Tube Filters

A: The fluorescent light tube covers come in 4 foot lengths and 3 widths: T5 T8 T12. The T8 size is the most common size and about the diameter of a US quarter.

A: One of the most common reasons customers purchase our NaturaLux fluorescent light filters is because their existing lighting is too bright. Overly bright lighting causes glare, and glare causes headaches, eyestrain, visual fatigue and blurred vision. NaturaLux filters only reduce light output by 20%, allowing 80% of the light through. By reducing the over-abundance (20%) of light, the glare is eliminated.

A: The tube filters would work if the LED is a standard 4′ in T5, T8 or T12 thickness. If it looks like an old, long fluorescent lamp then it’s probably standard size.

A: Our fluorescent light filters eliminate 100% of UV up to 380nm, up to 99% up to 390nm, and up to 80% up to 400nm. Many customers with UV sensitivity have told us that they can easily work under the filtered light for an entire shift with no effects from the UV rays.

A. Our tube filters are very versatile and can be used on fixtures that are flush to the ceiling or suspended. 


All NaturaLux fluorescent tube covers are made from a tough, heat-resistant polycarbonate.

Filter TypeDimensionsWeight Per Unit
T-12 Tube filter48” fits standard T-12 bulbs0.28 lbs
T-8 Tube filter48” fits standard T-8 bulbs0.2 lbs
T-5 Tube filter48” fits standard T-5 bulbs*
*not suitable for HO bulbs
0.1 lbs


  Test ObjectChromaticity x valueChromaticity y value
Cool White Fluorescent Lamp0.34670.3641
Through the NaturaLux FiltersTM0.33420.3467

Kelvin Temperature

  Test ObjectKelvin Temperature
Sylvania Octron™ 950 5000K Fluorescent Lamp4979K
Through the NaturaLux FiltersTM5425K

Color Rendering Index (CRI) Values

  Test ObjectColor Rendering Index
Sylvania Octron™ 950 5000K Fluorescent Lamp88.4
Through the NaturaLux FiltersTM95.3

Scotopic/Photopic (S/P) Ratio

  Test ObjectS/P Ratio
Sylvania Octron™ 950 5000K Fluorescent Lamp2.06
Through the NaturaLux FiltersTM2.24

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