Fluorescent Light Tube Covers

Change Your Light, Change Your Life —
Transform Your Lighting with the Versatile Fluorescent Light Tube Cover

Natural Light Filters For Fluorescent and LED fixtures

There’s no excuse not to take your health and happiness into your own hands with one of these easy-to-install fluorescent light tube filters.

The tube filters slide over your existing 4′ fluorescent bulbs.

Price: $14.99 $19.99 each

Tubes are not recommended for T5 HO bulbs. 

Stops fluorescent light headaches
Fight headaches
full spectrum lighting solution
Full spectrum light
Absorb UV radiation
UV shield
Terrific ROI

Great For...

Migraines, Headaches & Eye strain

Eliminate the glare that can cause eye strain and headaches.

Eye Fatigue

By creating natural light, the eyes don't have to work nearly as hard. Filters can help prevent the "afternoon slump".

Lighting Sensitivity

Many people have some degree of light sensitivity. Provide a comfortable working environment with spectacular lighting.

Lupus & Fibroyalgia

Block the UV radiation that can trigger lupus flare-ups.

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Who Uses Make Great Light?

Diffuses Light

But not too much. Light transmission is cut by about 15-20% depending on the light output of the lamps.


Tube filters protect people from shattering lamps

Heat Resistant

Designed to withstand the heat that light fixtures can emit.

Lasts Forever

Well, not "forever", but a very long time. 10 years or more.

Standard sizes

Filters are 4' long and come in T5, T8 and T12 sizes


With NaturaLux

Soft, clean white light that is glare free..
Look how much better the ceiling tiles look.

Without (standard)

Standard fluorescent lighting is a sickly yellow-green. The light intensity and off-colors can hurt your eyes.

Works with many light fixtures

Our NaturaLux™ fluorescent light tube covers are designed to work with all sizes.


How to install fluorescent light tube covers

Installation of fluorescent light filters is an easy task. Facilities staff are not required, but we recommend you consult with them beforehand.

No Tools Needed
1. Tightly cap one end of the tube
2. Slide the bulb into the tube
3. Tightly cap the open end

fluorescent light filter installation


Questions about Fluorescent Light Tube Covers

Q: What size should I order?
A: The fluorescent light tube covers come in 4 foot lengths and 3 widths: T5 T8 T12. The T8 size is the most common size and about the diameter of a US quarter.

Q: Will my lighting be much darker with the filters?
A: One of the most common reasons customers purchase our NaturaLux fluorescent light filters is because their existing lighting is too bright. Overly bright lighting causes glare, and glare causes headaches, eyestrain, visual fatigue and blurred vision. NaturaLux filters only reduce light output by 20%, allowing 80% of the light through. By reducing the over-abundance (20%) of light, the glare is eliminated.

Learn more about reducing eyestrain.

Q: Do they work with LED lights?

A: The tube filters would work if the LED is a standard 4′ in T5, T8 or T12 thickness.

Q: What UV protection do the light filters provide?
A: Our fluorescent light filters eliminate 100% of UV up to 380nm, up to 99% up to 390nm, and up to 80% up to 400nm. Many customers with UV sensitivity have told us that they can easily work under the filtered light for an entire shift with no effects from the UV rays.

Q: What type of fixtures can I use these covers on?
A: These covers for fluorescent lights are designed for most common recessed light fixture. If your light fixture is flush with the ceiling, such as a parabolic or prismatic, you should be covered. The overlay light filters are oversized and can be trimmed to fit.

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Fluorescent Light Tube Cover Reviews

Who Uses Make Great Light?


Fluorescent Light Tube Filters for Office

Office lighting is crucial to a workplace wellness program, and should be a serious environmental consideration when discussing office wellness and ergonomics.

Increase productivity by changing the harsh fluorescent lighting that employees endure daily. Help protect workers from glare, UV and provide natural light.

Fluorescent Light Tube Covers for Classrooms

Proper lighting for the learning environment is critical for student and teacher performance.

Full spectrum lighting for classrooms

Lupus Light Covers

Working with photosensitivity can be difficult. Our fluorescent light filters are made with UV Shield to block UVA and UVB rays.

Lupus light filters

SAD Treatment

Help prevent the winter blues by creating your own natural lighting. Create full spectrum lighting by changing the color spectrum.