Fluorescent Light Covers

Change Your Light. Change Your Life.

Flat Panel Light Filters

starting at $34.99 each

Our fluorescent light covers allow you to take your health and happiness into your own hands. Our easy-to-install, flexible light filter covers change fluorescent light into natural light in seconds. View LED light covers.

NaturaLux light filters are installed on top or inside fluorescent light panels, fluorescent light covers or fluorescent diffusers. Get fluorescent light shade, fight glare and more natural light.

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Who Uses Make Great Light?​

We purchased over 15 filters for our office and they work great! One employee's headaches have even gone away. It's so much easier to work without the harshness over our desks! I would purchase again.
Kristin Waldoch
Unidale Insurance Company


Stops fluorescent light headaches
Headaches & Eyestrain​

Remove the harsh glare that can cause eyestrain and trigger headaches or migraines.​

Reduce Light Glare
Focus & Energy

Eyes work more efficiently by providing soft, natural light. Prevents the “afternoon slump”.​

Mood & Sleep

Natural light can help with mood, sleep and seasonal affective disorder.

Absorb UV radiation
UV Sensitivity

Block the UV radiation that can lead to health issues and damage materials.

Diffuses Light

But not too much. Light transmission is cut by about 15-20% depending on the light output of the lamps.

Flexible & Durable

Made from impact resistant acrylic, our fluorescent light covers are tough but flexible.

Heat Resistant

Designed to withstand the heat that light fixtures can emit. Class A fire rating.

NaturaLux Fluorescent Light Cover

Built to Last

Well, not "forever", but a very long time. 10 years or more.

Trim to Fit

Slightly oversized so it can fit almost all flush mounted ceiling fixtures.


How to install fluorescent light covers

Installation of fluorescent ceiling light covers is an easy task. Facilities staff are not required, but we recommend you consult with them beforehand.

Tools Needed
For fluorescent light covers, you will need some clear tape and a good pair of scissors. 



Works with many types of light fixtures

Our NaturaLux™ fluorescent light covers are designed to fit many different troffers 



Normal Fluorescent Light Filtered

Without (standard)

Standard fluorescent lighting is a sickly yellow-green. The light intensity and off-colors can hurt your eyes.

With NaturaLux

Soft, clean white light that is glare free..
Look how much better the ceiling tiles look.


Questions about Fluorescent Light Covers

A: One of the most common reasons customers purchase our NaturaLux fluorescent light filters is because their existing lighting is too bright. Overly bright lighting causes glare, and glare causes headaches, eyestrain, visual fatigue and blurred vision. NaturaLux filters only reduce light output by 20%, allowing 80% of the light through. By reducing the over-abundance (20%) of light, the glare is eliminated.

Learn more about reducing eyestrain.

A: Yes, the same properties apply to both fluorescent and LED lighting issues. Most of the time, the light cover can be trimmed to fit an LED light. View our LED light filters.

A: Our fluorescent light panels eliminate 100% of UV up to 380nm, up to 99% up to 390nm, and up to 80% up to 400nm. Many customers with UV sensitivity have told us that they can easily work under the filtered light for an entire shift with no effects from the UV rays.

A: These covers for fluorescent lights are designed for most common recessed light fixture. If your light fixture is flush with the ceiling, such as a parabolic or prismatic, you should be covered. The overlay light filters are over-sized and can be trimmed to fit.

A. Fluorescent light covers help mitigate some of the negative side affects of working under fluorescent light for a prolonged period of time. However, not all light covers are created equal. You need fluorescent light covers that have filtering capability to truly transform the light.

A. NaturaLux light filters are clean and professional looking. Our filters don’t have fancy, distracting designs. They just make better light. Are decorative light covers a good solution for a professional setting? We don’t think so. If you are spending the money to update the ceiling light panels, you should invest in fluorescent light covers that actually change the light output.

Have more questions?

Please see our Knowledge Base or start a chat. 


Fluorescent Ceiling Light Covers Properties

All NaturaLux fluorescent and LED light covers are manufactured to the highest standards. They are made from a tough, flexible modified impact acrylic.

Filter TypeDimensionsWeight Per Unit
Flexible Light Cover23 1/4” X 48” X .015”0.6 lbs

Physical Properties

PhysicalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values
Specific GravityD-7921.16
Rockwell HardnessD-785(M Scale)40
Coefficient of Linear ExpansionD-696in/in/ºF4.5 x 10-5
Water Absorption, 24 hoursD-570% max0.42
OpticalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values
Light TransmissionD-1003total white %91.7
Haze %<1.8
Refractive Index NDD-5421.49
MechanicalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values
Tensile StrengthD-638psi6,500
Tensile ModulusD-638psi255,000
Tensile Elongation @ BreakD-638%38
Flexural StrengthD-790psi8,890
Flexural ModulusD-790psi260,000
Notched (IZOD) MilledD-256ft. lb./in. of notch1.20
ThermalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values

Deflection Temperature Under Load:

@ 264 psi – Annealed

Vicat Softening Point UnannealedD-1525ºF227

Glass Transition

Temperature Tg

Continuous Service Temperature Range ºF150-170

Fire Safety Testing

Download our safety testing data sheet. Our fluorescent light covers have earned a Class A fire rating.


Fluorescent Light Cover Reviews

Fluorescent Light Covers for Office

Increase productivity by changing the harsh fluorescent lighting that employees endure daily. Help protect workers from glare, UV and provide natural light. 

Office lighting is critical to workplace wellness, and should be a serious environmental consideration when discussing ergonomics. 

Two women working under LED light filters

Fluorescent Light Covers for Classrooms

Teachers, students and staff can all benefit from NaturaLux fluorescent light covers. Light filters can transform the classroom and help provide an optimal learning environment.

Make Great Light supports teachers in fighting against harsh classroom lighting.

Full spectrum lighting for classrooms

Lupus Light Covers

Protect those with photosensitivity by using fluorescent light covers that absorb up to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. 

Lupus light filters

SAD Treatment

Help prevent symptoms of seasonal affective disorder by installing natural light filters that enhance the color spectrum to simulate natural daylight. 

Fluorescent Light Issues

Anyone who’s spent long hours working under fluorescent lights knows how hard they can be on your health and well-being.

Fluorescent lights are proven culprits in causing eye disease, sleep disruption, increased rates of cancer, a suppressed immune system, and a host of other ailments.

Workers who spend prolonged hours bathed in the harsh rays of these lights often suffer from bad moods, lack of focus, headaches, and eyestrain.

And yet, many offices, workplaces, classrooms, and other environments have yet to make the change to more life-affirming lighting sources.

What Fluorescent Life Looks Like

You’re probably one of the millions of people that spend all day in an office, classroom, or other environment being saturated with fluorescent light. Exposure of this magnitude has real, measurable impacts on your quality of life.

Let’s examine a few ways this harsh light breaks down your health.

Blue Light and Eye Health

Over long periods of time, exposure to blue light, like the kind generated by fluorescent lights, can cause age-related macular degeneration as well as eyestrain and headaches.

The blue light damages retinal cells, leading to a breakdown of visual health.

Fluorescent light, Mood, and Diabetes

Cortisol levels plummet under exposure to artificial lighting, and our moods plummet with them. Low cortisol equals higher stress, as well as a lowered immune reaction.

Along with low cortisol, fluorescent light exposure also causes blood sugar levels to increase and the release of leptin, a hormone that helps you feel full, to plummet.

These findings lead researchers to correlate habitual subjection to this kind of light source with a rise in obesity and diabetes.

Sleep and Fluorescent Light

Artificial light also interrupts your natural sleep cycle, called your circadian rhythm, by disrupting your sleep hormones — melatonin and serotonin.

When these substances are lowered, people have more difficulty falling — and staying — asleep at night.

Studies have proven that the more artificial light exposure you get, the harder it will be to have a normal sleep schedule.

What You Can Expect from Using a Fluorescent Light Filter Cover

Changing your light source seems important, but full-spectrum lights on the market are very expensive. Plus, your office manager may not want you to change out the office’s standard bulbs due to liability.

Additionally, full-spectrum bulbs need to be replaced and they still contribute to glare in an indoor-setting, which is detrimental to the health of your eyes. 

Enter the fluorescent light filter cover — a simple, inexpensive, effective way to bring full-spectrum light back into your life and remove glare and UV. These lightweight lighting covers not only provide health-giving full-spectrum light, but they minimize glare and are UV-free for maximum protection.

Natural, healing sleep

Working under full-spectrum lighting generated by fluorescent light covers can help you produce the hormones that regulate sleep, letting you ease back into to a natural Circadian rhythm that’s healing to your body and your mind.

A boost of happiness

People who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will notice a boost in mood after working under these lighting covers, since it’s comparable to being in mood-boosting natural sunlight all day long.

Fewer headaches and eyestrain

Plus, these covers reduce overall glare, which is proven to cause eyestrain and headaches. People working under the protection of fluorescent light filters will notice less burning, straining, tired eyes, and headaches.

These covers will allow you to produce the hormones that regulate mood, sleep, blood sugar, and hunger — contributing to overall physical health and a boost in disease resistance.

How to make fluorescent light covers

  1. First, attempting to make your own covers for fluorescent lights can be dangerous depending on the material used. Think fire safety.
  2. To fight the glare that causes headaches and eyestrain, order a fluorescent light cover. Make Great Light sells the best
  3. Installation is easy. Remove the door to the fixture and measure. Transfer the measurement to the light cover and cut with a utility knife and straight edge
  4.  Tape into place and close the door.

Can you paint fluorescent light covers?

Painting fluorescent light covers to change the mood is not recommended. One must think of the type of paint and the potential heat from the lighting. If you are looking to increase the quality of the harsh lighting, use fluorescent light filters which can create natural light.