Who uses Make Great Light?

Benefits of NaturaLux Fluorescent Light Covers

  • Eliminate Glare
  • Blocks UV
  • Full Spectrum Light

  • DIY Installation
  • Covers whole fixture
  • Cut to size

These are similar to what is known as a fluorescent light diffuser panels for fluorescent light fixtures. You could by decorative light covers for ceiling lights, but all they do is mask the light (check OSHA!). NaturaLux light filters transform the light and are OSHA compliant.

See how they work

Very grateful! The filters made a significant difference in the amount of glare, and the staff are happy to no longer experience eye strain and fatigue. Very grateful! Thank you.

Andrea Earths Own Food Company

My issues have gone away
I’m in a new office where there is no external natural light. Directly above me is a fluorescent light. I was really having extreme difficulty reading and working. I finally figured out it was the light. With the purchase of this liner, my issues have gone away. No more headaches. No more double vision. I’m a happy camper.

Greta Lint 

Making a huge difference
I love the light filters! I have glaucoma and was getting very bad headaches due to my sensitivity to the fluorescent bulbs in my office. The filters have helped tremendously. No more eye strain and headaches. Very easy to install and what a difference. Thank you!

Ann Hanna  

No headaches
Extremely happy with these filters. Instant and complete improvement in the harshness of the flourescent light in my office, and zero headaches despite having the flourescents on all week. These really work!

Randall Posey 

Great for lupus
Being a Lupus patient myself, I learned the hard way about what UV rays does to the Lupus body! I am extremely sensitive to UV rays. I spent many years in an office situation where fluorescent lighting was abundant. I came home every evening feeling as if I had the flu. I finally had to quit because my health became so bad.

Thank you … thank you… you have made a difference in my life.