Make Great Light Covers Receive Class A Fire Rating

Fire Retardant Fluorescent Light Covers

Make Great Light is proud to announce that our NaturaLux fluorescent light covers have received a Class A fire rating. HPVA Laboratories in Sterling, VA performed ASTM E84 testing on our fluorescent light covers. The results showed that our flexible fluorescent light covers qualified for a Class A rating.

ASTM 84 is defined as a Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Make Great Light realizes how important product safety is, especially in a classroom or office environment. Our focus is to create safe products that contribute to a healthier working and learning environment.

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2 thoughts on “Make Great Light Covers Receive Class A Fire Rating”

  1. Hi,

    The school I work for has a few concerns about the Fire Retardant Fluorescent Light Covers. The fire auditor are having some sort of concerns with the covers, are we legally allowed to use them and not get written up for the covers? How can I legally explain to the fire department that they are approved.

  2. Looking for more information regarding Class A clearance as I am currently in discussion with our Fire Department and in search of light filtering options for my school.


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