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Classroom Light Filters Comparison

NaturaLux™ vs Educational Insights®

Let’s take a moment to compare NaturaLux™ classroom light filters and the current leading brand, Educational Insights®. Both help diffuse the harsh light generated by fluorescent ballasts. But that is where the similarities end.

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School Light Filter Donation

In early September, Make Great Light donated classroom light filters to Ms. Boresma’s 4th grade class. The classroom was located in the interior of the school with no windows or access to natural lighting. The full spectrum light filters, which turn harsh fluorescent light into natural “almost sun” light, went over in a big way for the students and Ms. Boresma. We were delighted to receive a box of thank you cards from the students.

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Can Classroom Lighting Affect Testing Scores?

Reading comprehension and agility are two of the most important factors in our children’s lives. Most standardized tests have an entire section dedicated to this idea, yet one of the simplest solutions to raising test scores, classroom lighting, has been overlooked for years. So, is it true? Does brightness and color of light really affect reading performance?

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Light filters for classrooms

Can Classroom Lighting Help Keep Students Alert?

Generally, we tend to think that the yellow lighting we are accustomed to is the “warmest” light and one that will simulate sunlight the closest. However, a recent study shows that a color on the other end of the spectrum, blue lighting, helps children stay focused and healthy, especially when exposed during early hours of the school day.

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Can Changing Classroom Lighting Improve Students Vision?

Classroom lighting can be an overlooked factor for children’s success in school. However, studies have shown that lighting quality affects students’ abilities to see clearly, concentrate and perform well in the classroom. Since lighting plays a critical role in our everyday lives, it’s worth our while to understand the quality of light that’s shining down on our children.

In the first part of our Classroom Lighting Matters series we’ll explain how replacing traditional classroom lighting with full-spectrum lighting helps students’ performance in the classroom.

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Which Fluorescent Light Filter Is Right For Me?

At Make Great Light, we offer two fluorescent light filter products to choose from (more products coming in the future). A question we often get is which fluorescent light filter is best for my situation. In this post, we tackle that question and try to bring clarity between the two options.

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