Classroom Light Filters Comparison

NaturaLux™ vs Educational Insights®

Let’s take a moment to compare NaturaLuxclassroom light filters and the current leading brand, Educational Insights®. Both help diffuse the harsh light generated by fluorescent ballasts. But that is where the similarities end.


Educational Insights
NaturaLux classroom light filters
Installation Time 5 minutes 15 minutes
Cost $34.99 $29.99
Country of Origin Classroom light filters made in china Classroom light filters made in USA
Material Thin plastic fabric Durable, flexible plastic
Heat Resistant yes yes
Reduces Glare yes yes
Spectrally Enhanced no yes
Absorbs UV no yes
Increases Visual Acuity no yes
Mimics Natural Sunlight no yes
Full Spectrum Light no yes
Custom Sizing no yes
Reduces Energy Costs no yes
Recyclable no yes
Purchase no See Options

How long do they last?

A fair question to ask is how long will the products last. On one hand, NaturaLux panels and tube guards are built to last up to 10 years, or longer in some cases. Educational Insights offers no claim on how long they last. Judging from the material, it’s clear that Educational Insights classroom filters are a thin fabric, almost like vinyl, rather than a durable plastic.

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How do they look?

Appearance isn’t everything, but it is important to see how the filters integrate into the current classroom environment.  Do they fit? Are they visually distracting?

As you can see below, NaturaLux is a clean-looking solution that fits most fluorescent light fixtures. The tube filters are especially versatile and work with any standard 4 foot fluorescent bulb. NaturaLux fluorescent light covers can be cut to size and and placed above the fixture grate or on top of existing panels.

By comparison, the Educational Insights filter fit a general size, and if your fixture is smaller than the size of the filter, the product sags. Also worth noting is that Educational Insights filters come in a variety of colors and designs. While this can be a fun addition, it is really just a novelty.

How do they perform?

From the comparison above, it is clear that NaturaLux offers so much more to the classroom. While Educational Insights just mask the light, NaturaLux totally transforms the lighting.

NaturaLux increases the color temperature of the light bulbs. Full spectrum lighting has numerous benefits to students and teachers:

  • Natural light, like afternoon sun (also referred to as “Daylighting”)
  • Daylighting in classrooms has shown to increase math and reading test scores
  • Greater visual acuity
  • Regulates hormone production, critical for your circadian rhythm
  • Helps regulate mood, especially in the winter months

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