Fluorescent Light Filters Save Energy & Money

Businesses can reduce energy and lower absenteeism


Over time, our fluorescent light filters pay for themselves. By providing high quality light, our filters can reduce the amount of light needed. With glare eliminated, UV rays blocked, and the benefit of full spectrum lighting, your employees are happier, healthier and more productive.

And the best part is that with our fluorescent light filters, you get all these benefits while using your existing fixtures and bulbs.

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Avg. Annual cost of Insomnia to U.S. Employers


Did you know: Insomnia was significantly associated with lost work performance due to presenteeism (underperformance). This amounted to roughly an annual capital value of $2,280 per employee. This costs US businesses $15 – $92 billion annually.

Fluorescent Light EnergyReduce Fluorescent Light Energy Cost

Since the fluorescent light is color balanced and color corrected, the quality of light is noticeably improved. Our fluorescent light filters spectrally enhance the blue spectrum of fluorescent light, meaning you can reduce fluorescent light energy cost by using FEWER fluorescent light bulbs.

If you have a fixture that uses three fluorescent light bulbs, you can install the filters and only use two bulbs. When it comes to lighting, quality is better than quantity.

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Save on light reduction

What's my ROI

Calculate your return on investment with this handy savings calculator.

Fluorescent Light Filters and Employee Health

Healthier Employees

Lighting makes a huge difference in workplace wellness. Employees who suffer from headaches, migraines or sleeping disorders routinely miss work (absenteeism) or underperform (presenteeism). They are also prone to making errors on the job, and in some workplaces this can be a serious safety issue.

Our fluorescent light filters can change the working environment for the better.

  • Eliminate glare = less headaches, migraines and visual fatigue
  • Full spectrum lighting = better sleep and better mood

Full spectrum bulbs, daylight bulbs, sun boxes, and fluorescent light diffusers are other options. However, none of these provide full spectrum light, eliminate glare and absorb dangerous UV radiation. Only NaturaLux™ fluorescent light filters give you all of these benefits at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Our NaturaLux™ fluorescent light filters reduce fluorescent light energy cost and last many, many years!