We Make Great Light for Everyone

Full spectrum lights and reduced light glare can really make a difference

Whether you work in an office, classroom, hospital or retail space, our filters can transform your environment and your health.

Turn fluorescent light for offices into full spectrum lights

Office lighting

You spend a significant part of your life working. If you are in an office with fluorescent lighting above you, learn how having quality light is important for your health and job performance.



Full spectrum lights for classrooms

School and classroom lighting

Lighting can have a big impact in the classroom. Find out how creating full spectrum, glare-free light can positively impact performance in the classroom, for both students and teachers.



Lupus full spectrum lights

UV light filters for lupus

For people who suffer from lupus, our fluorescent light filters can be life changing. After installing our fluorescent light filters, people with lupus can see a significant reduction of lupus flare-ups caused by fluorescent lighting.



Seasonal Affective Disorder and full spectrum light

Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

A lack of natural sunlight can cause symptoms of depression, but our full spectrum fluorescent light filters create natural sunlight right in your office. We can restore your missing sunlight and do it cheaper than daylight bulbs or full spectrum bulbs.