Full Spectrum Light

Because humans were not meant to spend their lives under fluorescent lighting.

Natural Light

Filters Enhance the Color Light Spectrum

Harsh fluorescent and LED lights do not produce natural white light. NaturaLux light filters color-correct and color-balance light.

Your body and mind will feel like you have been in the sunshine all day.

How does it work?

As the fluorescent light passes through our light filters, they emulate the same levels of red, orange, yellow, blue, green indigo, and violet found in full-spectrum sunlight. 

full spectrum lighting solution
Full spectrum Lighting Chart
Not all light is created equal. In this graph we look at multiple lighting sources as they stack up on the Kelvin scale.
Sky Position for Full Spectrum Light
The sun produces different Kelvin temperatures throughout the day. The highest color temperature is midday, approximately 5500k.
Lux Chart for Light Spectrum
Full spectrum light filters provide spectrally-enhanced lighting. This graph shows a 5000k lamp filtered through NaturaLux on a black body locus, the light imitates the sun.


Benefits of Full Spectrum Light

There are more benefits than there are side effects of full spectrum light. Read the articles below for just a few of them.

Depression & Seasonal Affective Disorder

Full spectrum light can mimic natural sunlight, shown to help those with seasonal depression.


Sleep Disorders

Exposure to full spectrum lighting allows your body to produce serotonin and melatonin, two important hormones that regulate your sleep cycles.

Stress and Anxiety

A study in Germany found that while people were under fluorescent lighting, their bodies had significant increases of the stress hormone cortisol.

Read the study...

Reduced Risk of Cancer

The suppression of melatonin production has been linked to a much greater risk of developing cancerous tumors. Full spectrum lighting allows the pineal gland to naturally produce melatonin.

Read the study...

Optimal Vision

Full spectrum lighting helps constrict the pupil, which increases the depth of your vision field and visual acuity improves greatly. Helps you read faster with less fatigue.


Better Color Rendering

Fluorescent light makes everything ugly. But Full spectrum light shows TRUE colors. Colors look brighter and properly saturated. Skin tone looks less yellow and sickly.

See the difference...

Daylight Fluorescent Light

How to create more natural light using fluorescent light filters.

  1. The best lamps to use are 5000k fluorescent bulbs.
  2. Enhance the color temperature of your fluorecent lamps using fluorescent light filters. 
  3. If possible, locate people to areas near windows or skylights. 

So, do natural light lamps work? Let’s ask Helen.

"I swear, after you installed the light covers, I felt better by the time I left work. I had a sense of happy stability."
Hellen S.
Sitka, Alaska


Light filters are a better value than full-spectrum light bulbs, light boxes, daylight bulbs, bright light therapy lamps, sun lamps, or other full-spectrum light sources.

Fluorescent light tube covers are versatile, durable solution for standard 4′ fluorescent lamps.  

Fluorescent light covers are designed to cover fixtures that are flush to the ceiling. They are a better overall value