LED Light Covers

Helps Dim and Soften Harsh LED Light.

Flat Panel LED Light Filters

starting at $34.99 each

Did your workplace install LED lights and they are just to harsh?

NaturaLux light filters are installed on top or inside existing LED light panels. 

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Who Uses Make Great Light?​

Great lights, my co workers and I don’t have any more headaches and it’s so much easier to be in the office now. Love your products!!!
Alysa Renoylds


Stops fluorescent light headaches
Headaches & Eyestrain​

Too bright? Remove the harsh lighting glare that can cause eyestrain and trigger headaches or migraines.​

Reduce Light Glare
Focus & Energy

Our filters create softer, more natural light to reduce visual fatigue. Prevents the “afternoon slump”.​

Mood & Sleep

Enhances the lighting to get you closer to full spectrum light. Great for mood, sleep cycles and seasonal depression.

Diffuses Light

But not too much. Light transmission is cut by about 15-20% depending on the light output of the LEDs.

Flexible & Durable

Made from impact resistant acrylic, our LED light covers are tough but flexible.

Heat Resistant

Designed to withstand the heat that light fixtures can emit. Class A fire rating.

NaturaLux Fluorescent Light Cover

Built to Last

Will last decades under LED lighting. Install it once and forget it.

Sized for LED

Perfect fit for standard 2' x 4' fixtures and can be trimmed for smaller ones.


How to install LED light covers

Installation of fluorescent ceiling light covers is an easy task. Facilities staff are not required, but we recommend you consult with them beforehand.

Tools Needed
For LED light covers, you will need some clear tape and a good pair of scissors if trimming. 

If the light fixture opens, you can install inside by measuring, cutting to size and taping in place. This is a cleaner look for a professional workplace.

If the light fixture does not open, you can affix to the outside with double sided tape or magnets.

Works with many types of light fixtures

Our NaturaLux™ fluorescent light covers are designed to fit many different troffers 



Normal Fluorescent Light Filtered

Without (standard)

Standard lighting is very hard on the eyes. 

With NaturaLux

Soft, clean white light that is glare free..
Look how much better the ceiling tiles look.


Questions about LED Light Dimming Covers

A: LEDs are notorious for being very bright. NaturaLux filters will help reduce light output by 20%, allowing 80% of the light through. For customers with really bright lights, using two filters may be required.

Learn more about reducing eyestrain.

A: Our products work with both LED and fluorescent overhead lighting. Please see our fluorescent light cover page to buy natural light filters for fluorescent lighting.

A: These covers for LED lights are designed for most common recessed light fixture. If your light fixture is flush with the ceiling, such as a parabolic or prismatic, you should be covered. These light covers fit standard 2′ x 4′ frames and can easily be cut to go with other sized fixtures.

Have more questions?

Please see our Knowledge Base or start a chat. 


LED Ceiling Light Covers Properties

All NaturaLux LED light covers are manufactured to the highest standards. They are made from a tough, flexible modified impact acrylic.

Filter TypeDimensionsWeight Per Unit
Flexible Light Cover23 1/4” X 48” X .015”0.6 lbs

Physical Properties

PhysicalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values
Specific GravityD-7921.16
Rockwell HardnessD-785(M Scale)40
Coefficient of Linear ExpansionD-696in/in/ºF4.5 x 10-5
Water Absorption, 24 hoursD-570% max0.42
OpticalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values
Light TransmissionD-1003total white %91.7
Haze %<1.8
Refractive Index NDD-5421.49
MechanicalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values
Tensile StrengthD-638psi6,500
Tensile ModulusD-638psi255,000
Tensile Elongation @ BreakD-638%38
Flexural StrengthD-790psi8,890
Flexural ModulusD-790psi260,000
Notched (IZOD) MilledD-256ft. lb./in. of notch1.20
ThermalASTM Test MethodUnitsTypical Values

Deflection Temperature Under Load:

@ 264 psi – Annealed

Vicat Softening Point UnannealedD-1525ºF227

Glass Transition

Temperature Tg

Continuous Service Temperature Range ºF150-170

Fire Safety Testing

Download our safety testing data sheet. Our LED light covers have earned a Class A fire rating.


LED Light Cover Reviews

LED Light Covers for Office

Increase productivity by changing the harsh LED lighting that employees endure daily. Better, more natural lighting. 

Office lighting is critical to workplace wellness, and should be a serious environmental consideration when discussing workplace ergonomics. 

Two women working under LED light filters

LED Light Covers for Classrooms

Teachers, students and staff can all benefit from NaturaLux LED light covers. Better lighting to support better classroom outcomes, for both students and teachers. 


Full spectrum lighting for classrooms

SAD Treatment

Help prevent symptoms of seasonal affective disorder by installing natural light filters that enhance the color spectrum to simulate natural daylight.