Healthier Alternative to Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Anyone who’s worked under a fluorescent light knows how harsh and unforgiving they can be — causing headaches, eyestrain, and, for UV-sensitive individuals, even more issues. Some people look for solutions and often find light covers that are cute and decorative.

Thankfully, we’ve created an inexpensive solution for anyone who is concerned about their health, the health of their employees, or the health of anyone who has to spend time in areas dominated by fluorescent lighting.

In the past, prohibitively expensive full-spectrum light bulbs were the only way to bring healthy, full-spectrum light into workspaces and classrooms.

Now, we’ve developed NaturaLuxfluorescent light covers that don’t just look good — they are good.

Using the latest technology, they transform harsh, harmful fluorescent light into full-spectrum light that’s easy on the eyes — and a benefit for your health and well-being.

More Than Just Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Many companies sell decorative fluorescent light panels, but those covers simply mask the fluorescent light — masking the glare but letting the same harsh light filter through.

Even though the appearance of the light fixture might seem a bit better, these covers do nothing to change the composition of the light, or to protect you from harmful UV radiation.

Our ceiling light covers literally transform any fluorescent light fixture by eliminating 100% of UV rays up to 380nm.

In fact, our light covers take UV-protection to the maximum, providing 99% protection up to 390nm and, at the 400 nm level, up to 80% protection.

That means most people, even those with UV-sensitivity, can work under our transformed lighting fixtures for an entire day without dizziness, headaches, and other side effects often associated with UV radiation.

A Healthier Option for the Office and Classroom

Why buy decorative fluorescent light covers? Our NaturaLux™ fluorescent light covers make a real difference in the health of people exposed to long-term fluorescent lighting.

These covers take harsh, fluorescent light and transform it into health-giving, full-spectrum lighting —the kind of light that closely resembles natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight is not only beneficial — it’s essential for the health and optimal functioning of all human beings. However, nowadays, people are receiving less exposure to this life-giving light due to indoor work and learning environments.

While you can’t change where you work or go to school, you can do two things to improve your situation. First, remove fluorescent lighting from your environment, and second, replace it with full-spectrum lighting.

Decorative Recessed Light Covers Don’t Change the Light

Working and learning under full-spectrum lights can increase melatonin production to protect against cancer, provide restful sleep, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

In fact, light therapy is one way doctors combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a disorder caused by lack of sunlight.

While expensive full-spectrum bulbs are often used to bring this health-giving light to people who suffer from SAD, using our light covers is an easy way to transform the light in your store, office, or classroom into healthy, full-spectrum light.

Most businesses and schools don’t have the resources to replace all of their fluorescent light fixtures with full-spectrum bulbs.

That’s why we believe Make Great Light revolutionary light covers are so exciting — they allow the transformation of fluorescent to full-spectrum light at a fraction of the price.

Bringing Healthy Lighting to Classrooms

Our NaturaLux™ fluorescent light covers for classroom use just makes sense, particularly when you consider how important full-spectrum light is to the eye health and sleep cycles of growing children.

One recent study showed that students exposed to full-spectrum light had less progression of myopia (nearsightedness) over time. The researchers hypothesized that the increase in near-sightedness is due, in part, to less exposure to natural sunlight.

Of further importance is the fact that full-spectrum light is instrumental in encouraging the production of vitamin D for proper immunity and melatonin for restorative sleep — two things that are assistive in helping students stay alert, focused, and calm.

These light covers are currently in use by cutting-edge institutions like Villanova University and Harvard University.

Light Transformation — Not Decorative Transformation

Other light covers that claim to transform your space via fluorescent light covers are offering a cosmetic fix only.

Printed images on the light cover doesn’t change the harsh fluorescent value of the light in any way — they only fool the eye into thinking the light is “better.”

Through Make Great Light panels, on the other hand, we can offer a true transformative experience, with the nature of the light itself being altered to give you all the benefits of full-spectrum light at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, our panels are U.S.-manufactured to provide your workspace or classroom high-quality, healthy light for a lifetime of use.

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