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What Is Photophobia?

Photophobia is not a fear of having your photo taken, or a fear of cameras, or of looking at pictures, or of photosynthesis occurring. Photophobia is defined as an abnormal sensitivity to light. Those suffering from photophobia may experience pain, headaches, and suffer from co-morbid conditions such as anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Sensitivity to light can be exacerbated by fluorescent lighting.

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Northwestern University Study Unlocks a Secret To Boost Office Worker’s Health

In a recent study conducted by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, it was found that lighting design can improve office worker’s health. The study, which was published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine contains some surprising results.

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Summer Solstice Sale!

This June 2oth marks this year’s summer solstice, an annual event marking the first “official” day of summer. To celebrate, Make Great Light is having a summer solstice sale. For a limited time, we are offering great discounts on our fluorescent light filters. From June 21st on, the days get shorter. Make sure that you start a plan for getting your daily exposure to full spectrum light during the fall and winter months.

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prismatic vs parabolic fluorescent light filter

Prismatic Lens vs Parabolic Louver for Office Lighting

There are many variations of fluorescent light fixtures in office spaces, but all of them have one common goal: to light the workspace efficiently for optimal worker performance. There are two common styles of workspace lighting; prismatic and parabolic.

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Honest Customer Reviews

We at Make Great Light are excited to partner with ReviewTrust to facilitate honest, 100% independent reviews of our light filter products.

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End of Summer Sale


Now is the perfect time to save on fluorescent light filters. From 9/4/2015 – 9/11/2015 you can save 20% on orders over $75.00! Just use the discount code SUMMERENDS when checking out. Hurry and get your full spectrum light filters before the days start getting shorter.

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Healthy Benefits of Full Spectrum Light

Infographic – Healthy Benefits of Full Spectrum Light

The health benefits that full spectrum light provides has been known for decades to researchers and lighting designers. There is a mountain of evidence that natural light can increase productivity, sharpen visual acuity, raise mental alertness, lower depression,  balance the circadian rhythm and lower the risk of certain cancers.

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Free Lupus Facts Infographic

With lupus month already in full swing, we decided to help raise awareness by creating an infographic of lupus facts. This eye-catching graphic illustrates the current scope of lupus in our nation.

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Events for Lupus Month, May 2015

This May is National Lupus Awareness Month. There are dozens and dozens of events happening around the country (and the globe) to raise money for local foundations and also raise awareness with the general public.

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Dr. Ott – Pioneer of Full Spectrum Light

This past week marked the anniversary of the passing of Dr. John Nash Ott (1901 – 2000). Dr. Ott was a true pioneer in the discovery of how full spectrum light can benefit the health of plants, animals and humans. Let’s reflect on Dr. Ott’s amazing career.

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