Customer Spotlight: ZenTech

The following is a story from one of our customers, Mark Wilson of ZenTech Inc. They had recently changed their lighting to LED and needed a solution to dim the brightness but still have plenty of operating light for their engineers.

As the Operations Manager at ZenTech Inc, my responsibility has always been to ensure our office environment is not only productive but also comfortable for all our employees. Our recent initiative to transition our office lighting to energy-efficient LEDs was born out of a commitment to sustainability and cost reduction. Initially, it seemed like a win-win situation. However, shortly after the installation, we encountered an unforeseen issue that put our employees’ well-being at risk.

I remember the day vividly when Alex, one of our software developers, approached me with concerns about the new lighting. “The glare on my screen has been unbearable, and I’ve been leaving work with headaches almost every day,” he confessed. This was not an isolated complaint. Several other team members echoed Alex’s sentiments, reporting similar discomforts. The bright LEDs, while energy-efficient, had inadvertently created a workspace that was causing physical strain for some of our employees.

Determined to find a solution, we explored several options. Specialty glasses were considered, but the idea of having every affected employee wear them seemed impractical. We tried adjusting the placement of workstations and even turning off some of the lights, but these were temporary fixes that compromised our office’s overall brightness and productivity.

It was during this search for a permanent solution that we discovered Make Great Light. Intrigued by their promise of transforming harsh LED lighting into a more natural and comfortable environment, we decided to give their LED light covers a try.

The decision to install Make Great Light’s LED light covers turned out to be a turning point for us. The process was straightforward, and we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install the filters. It required minimal effort to cover several lights with just one filter, significantly reducing the glare and brightness that had been causing so much discomfort.

The impact was immediate and profound. The office atmosphere transformed into a space where natural, soothing light replaced the harsh, artificial glare. Employees like Alex, who had been vocal about their discomfort, reported a significant decrease in headaches and an overall improvement in their work environment.

Our journey to find a balance between energy efficiency and employee well-being taught us an invaluable lesson. In our pursuit of sustainability, we must not overlook the health and comfort of our team. Thanks to Make Great Light, we were able to adhere to our environmental goals without compromising on the quality of our office environment. Our office is once again a place of happiness and productivity, a testament to the fact that with the right solutions, it is possible to create a workspace that is both green and conducive to well-being.

Mark Wilson
Operations Manager
ZenTech Inc.