Honest Customer Reviews

We at Make Great Light are excited to partner with ReviewTrust to facilitate honest, 100% independent product reviews. Through the ReviewTrust system we automatically send a review request to customers after they purchase. Only people who have actually purchased and used our fluorescent light filters can submit a review.

To see our reviews, just click on the ReviewTrust symbol in the bottom left corner of the website.

Also, our previous testimonials collected over the years can still be found here.

The following was taken from the ReviewTrust website:

With ReviewTrust you can:

  • Rest in knowing a product review is verified and real.
  • Hear straight from verified buyers to know what they really think about a product.
  • Eliminate any hearsay about a product from someone that doesn’t actually own it.
  • Separate the bad products from the good, and make an educated buying decision.




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