Full spectrum lighting for classrooms

Classroom Light Filters

Classroom lighting affects student teacher performance

It’s no secret that students have long had issues concentrating in the classroom. The physical environment of the classroom is a major contributor to student performance and classroom lighting plays an important role.

Amazing Classroom Product! I’m a classroom teacher and love these light filters! The difference you see between the florescent lighting and the warm glow of the light filters is amazing. I can’t recommend this product enough!

ADRIENNE DONAWAY Georgetown Middle School, ILC Teacher


Fluorescent light filters for classrooms improve the learning environment

Proper lighting isn’t only essential for student performance, it is also an environmental factor that affects teacher performance as well. After spending hours under fluorescent lighting, students and faculty could be losing focus from visual fatigue caused by glare.


Classroom light filter benefits


Did you know: “Today’s rigid school schedules requiring teenagers to be in class early in the morning causes them to miss the essential morning light needed to stimulate the circadian system, which regulates body temperature, alertness, appetite, hormones and sleep patterns.”
– Mariana Figueiro, Ph .D.

Classroom lighting affects sleep cycles

Fluorescent light affects sleep cycles

There is a tiny gland in our brains, called the pineal gland, which regulates the production of the hormones called melatonin and serotonin. These hormones are crucial to regulating our sleep cycles. Exposure to natural sunlight helps the pineal gland regulate the production of these vital sleep hormones.



“I feel that the NaturaLux filters add to the peaceful learning environment that I try to maintain. In addition, I have noticed that the attentiveness of a child with ADHD seems to have improved. He completes his daily assignments and is a frequent participant in my lessons.”

J.S., Teacher, Connecticut