Making Great Light

Welcome to! We are so excited to finally be online after many years of selling fluorescent light filters directly to schools, offices, retailers and manufacturing facilities.

In the past, if you wanted our products you had to work with a network of distributors and buy in bulk format to get the best price. As of today, you can buy as many as you need from the comfort of your desk, whether you’re looking for two or two thousand filters. We want to empower educators, office and factory workers to control their own environment and see what a huge difference natural light can make on their productivity and health.

At Make Great Light, we started this business because humans were not designed to live under fluorescent light. It’s unnatural, harsh and can have a huge negative impact on our health, both physically and mentally. Our eyes and our brain were built for sunlight. Good ol’ natural sunlight, like the rest of the creatures of our planet. Our products convert that harsh fluorescent light into natural, full spectrum light. Just like the fiery ball from above, but without the nasty UV radiation.

Fluorescent light causes glare, which causes eyestrain, which contributes to headaches, migraines and visual fatigue. When you leave your work environment, you are probably exhausted. That’s because your eyes have been working overtime. The glare from fluorescent reflects off everything, especially computer screens, and straining your eyes. You may not be able to perceive the stress on your eyes, but it accumulates over the workday.

For some people, the effects can be much more severe. People suffering from lupus, are particularly sensitive to the effects of fluorescent lighting called, Lupus Photosensitivity. Environmental factors such as ultraviolet (UV) light can trigger lupus flare-ups, which can be very painful. If you or somebody you know is affected by lupus, you know how awful this disease is. Make Great Light is committed to helping people who are affected by lupus, which is why a portion of our sales will be donated to the National Lupus Foundation. Look for a blog post on that in the near future.

Fluorescent lights emit UV radiation, just like the sun. But in your office, there is no respite, there is no shade. While this is especially acute to lupus sufferers, long-term exposure to UV radiation affects everybody.

So here is our promise to you: Our fluorescent light filters will change your life. We know they will. They are a low-cost investment to better the environment that you spend so much of your day in. Whether you want to focus more at work or are concerned about the long-term effects of exposure to fluorescent lights, we have help. Try it for a few weeks. After a few weeks, take the filters out and go a day without them. We dare you. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. But in the years that we have been selling these products, not one person has ever asked for a refund. Because they work.

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