Lighting for Developers: Eye strain Can Increase Errors

For professional software and web developers, proper lighting is a critical component of the workplace. Typical offices with overhead fluorescent lighting can strain the eyes of those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Optimal lighting for developers is as crucial as an ergonomic workstation.

Refactor the Glare

The glare caused by fluorescent lighting causes the eyes to work much harder than they need to. Glare happens when light shines from above and reflects off surfaces.

When the eyes have to work harder than they should, the result is visual fatigue, or even headaches.

Fatigue is not good, especially when devs are jamming to make a deadline. Fatigue can lead to mistakes in code. And mistakes can lead to re-work, higher costs and lower profits.

No Light ! = Optimal Light

Just remember that the eyes need light to perform optimally, so don’t turn off all the lights to solve the glare problem.

Git More Natural Light

Another lighting factor to consider is the amount of natural light in the workspace. Ideally, all workers would be stationed right next to windows that admit plenty of natural light.

Hack Your Body

Exposure to natural light has shown to have numerous health benefits:

  • Regulated sleep patterns
  • Better moods
  • Less stress & anxiety
  • Increase in immune system functions

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Natural Light Helps You C#

Natural, or full-spectrum light, also constricts the pupil, allowing the eye to work more efficiently. This happens because when the pupil is smaller, the eye’s visual depth of field increases and visual acuity improves.


Ok, fluorescent light is bad. But you can flip the script and make it great. Fluorescent light filters stop the glare, headaches, UV and have the added benefit of creating natural light. Getting optimal lighting for developers is an easy way to help minimize lost productivity.

Lighting for developers


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