How to Convince Your Boss to Buy You Light Filters for Fluorescent Lights

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already know about the tremendous value that light filters for fluorescent lights offer.

If not, read about the benefits, then come back to this blog post.

When you want to obtain approval from your boss or supervisor, you can maximize your chances by making it easy for them to say “yes”. This process is all about removing any objections or obstacles that could result in a “no”, “maybe later” or “I’ll think about it”.

1. Investigate the Company’s Guidelines

If you work for a large company that has a human resources (HR) department, you probably have guidelines for workplace wellness. Showing up to your boss’s office with the paperwork already completed will remove one obstacle to approval.

Also, if your company is “ergonomic-friendly”, you should easily be able to make the case that lighting is part of workplace wellness.

2. Build Your Case

Here’s how you can build a solid argument for a small investment in lighting:

  • List specific reasons why you need great lighting for your job. I need light filters because I suffer from (headaches, migraines, seasonal depression, UV sensitivity, sleep disorders) on a daily basis.
  • Explain the ROI for your company.
    light filters for fluorescent lights will make working more comfortable for my eyes. This will reduce headaches and fatigue for myself and others. Installing these light filters would definitely make employees more productive and reduce sick time.
    Also explain that it could be possible to reduce energy consumption. Since the filtered light is of higher quality, you’ll need less of it. For example, if you have a fixture with 3 bulbs, you could unscrew one and go down to 2, while still having adequate lighting.
  • Find other employees that may also benefit. If you’re alone, you can still make a strong case, but if there are other colleagues who want to try the same thing, bring them into the conversation. After all, there’s power in numbers.
  • List other benefits of light filters for fluorescent lights that may be applicable to your company’s situation. For instance, if you’re trying to solve a specific need, such as eliminating glare, you should also mention this as a benefit of fluorescent light filters. This or something else may appeal to your boss, or help another employee.

3. Send your email pitch

Don’t expect your boss to approve the request if you bring it up in person. You’ll likely catch them off guard, and that will likely lead to a negative outcome. Instead, email your request first and then negotiate it in person afterwards. This way you’ll get more time to convince your boss.

Email template:

Hi [NAME],

I have been dealing with some issues with the overhead fluorescent lighting in our office. The harsh light is causing [YOUR ISSUES] and this can make my day-to-day work challenging. I did some research on possible solutions and found that fluorescent light filters are the best bet:

This website has a short video that explains how these filters work:

I think these will really help with [YOUR ISSUES], and they don’t seem that expensive. Let me know when we can talk in person.



Important: if you have an HR department, wellness coordinator or a company ergonomics person, copy them on the email as well. Remember, workplace lighting is a big component of a healthy, safe workplace.

4. Follow up in person

If you don’t get a response right away, don’t sweat it. Just follow up in person after a couple of days. Make sure you have a strong list of talking points when you meet face-to-face.

Ballpark your cost

Also, have a good idea about which filters you’ll need and roughly how many. You’ll want to have enough to adequately cover your workspace.

If you work in an office or enclosed area, estimate what it would take to cover all fixtures in the space. If you work in a cubicle, order enough for all the overhead lights within a 10-foot radius of your workspace.

Be sure to mention that there are discounts for large orders and non-profits (if applicable).

5. Anticipate Resistance

You may encounter resistance, which tends to be the default reaction when you request something that costs money. Here are some arguments for overcoming objections:


  • Compare the cost of light filters to other ergonomic equipment, such as standing desks and office chairs.
  • Light filters for fluorescent lights will pay for themselves in reduced energy costs and increased productivity.
  • The company may benefit from reduced medical costs and lower absenteeism
  • It’s a one-time cost and the filters last at least 10 years.

Doubts about the effectiveness of light filters for fluorescent lights

  • Direct your boss to our reviews page so they can read testimonials from satisfied customers.

Installation is a hassle

  • Explain that the filters are easy to install. Tube filters are as easy as changing a bulb, and the panel filters are cut and taped into place. Print out our installation instructions or watch our tutorial.

What if the answer is just “No”?

If the answer is ultimately a no, find out what it would take to change that. You will sometimes need to accept a “no,” but it’s reasonable to ask about what could change that answer in the future.

If you are denied because there is not money in the budget, be sure to ask when you should reengage to ensure the filters are budgeted for in the future.

Finally, you can always have your decision-maker contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions. Just use the contact form on our website!

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