Light filters for classrooms

Can Classroom Lighting Help Keep Students Alert?

Generally, we tend to think that the yellow lighting we are accustomed to is the “warmest” light and one that will simulate sunlight the closest. However, a recent study shows that a color on the other end of the spectrum, blue lighting, helps children stay focused and healthy, especially when exposed during early hours of the school day.

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Can Changing Classroom Lighting Improve Students Vision?

Classroom lighting can be an overlooked factor for children’s success in school. However, studies have shown that lighting quality affects students’ abilities to see clearly, concentrate and perform well in the classroom. Since lighting plays a critical role in our everyday lives, it’s worth our while to understand the quality of light that’s shining down on our children.

In the first part of our Classroom Lighting Matters series we’ll explain how replacing traditional classroom lighting with full-spectrum lighting helps students’ performance in the classroom.

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