How to Improve Office Fluorescent Lighting

Learning how to improve office fluorescent lighting isn’t hard at all. One of the best ways to do so is to use NaturaLux filters from Make Great Light. Our filters are affordable, durable (they can easily last 10 years or more), and quick to install. More importantly, though, they can greatly improve not only employee productivity, but also employee well being.

How to Improve Office Fluorescent LightingIn addition to NaturaLux filters, there are many other ways you can improve the indoor environment of your workplace. Here are a couple you might want to consider.

Introduce as Much Natural Lighting as Possible

Even though fluorescent lighting does a great job of illuminating your office (not to mention the fact that it’s energy efficient and relatively cheap), it can also create an incredible amount of glare. This can lead to eyestrain, headaches and other issues that make your employees miserable.

Natural lighting, on the other hand, is much better. It takes away glare, and makes people a lot happier in the process. NaturaLux filters simulate natural light from the sun, minus the UV rays. They eliminate the glare from fluorescent lights, as well as the annoying humming and flickering.

Actually, for some people, flickering is more than a mere annoyance. It can actually trigger a migraine headache. Take that risk out of the equation by installing NaturaLux filters.

Change to Gentler Lighting

If it’s possible, you may want to think about changing your lighting system entirely. Instead of using fluorescent lights, switch to LED or incandescent lighting. It will be more expensive, but it could very well be worth it. Your employees will very likely be much more productive, and that could offset the added costs.

Other Ways to Help Employees Who are Sensitive to Fluorescent Lighting

  • Let them wear hats inside – Granted, this tip might be a little difficult to actually put into action. But if you have employees who simply can’t tolerate fluorescent lighting (especially because they’re susceptible to migraine attacks), this could be an option to consider. A wide-brimmed hat can do a great job of blocking the glare from fluorescent lights. It might be the difference between a productive employee and a miserable one.
  • Have them follow the “20-20 rule” – There’s a chance you might have an office full of workaholics. While that’s obviously fantastic from a productivity standpoint, it’s not so great for their well being. Try to encourage your employees to divert their eyes from their computer screens once in a while. They should try to follow the so-called “20-20 rule” – after looking at a screen for 20 minutes, focus on an object located 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

If You Have Questions, We Have the Answers

Get in touch with Make Great Light for more information on how to improve office fluorescent lighting. You’ll learn a lot more about the benefits of NaturaLux light filters, and how they can transform your working environment into one that is not only happier, but also more productive.

Our filters are incredible innovative, yet still affordable enough to fit any budget. If you can’t make wholesale changes to your lighting system, NaturaLux filters will be the perfect solution. They’ll reduce glare, and help protect your people from the harmful effects of fluorescent lighting. Learn more by calling 612-399-6484 or contacting us online.

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