Fluorescent Light Health Hazards

One of the most troubling fluorescent light health hazards is the fact that it could be a trigger for devastating migraine headaches. Millions of Americans suffer from this terrible problem, which can include symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and, of course, severe pain. Light covers from Make Great Light could help alleviate these types of issues, helping provide relief for those who are sensitive to this kind of lighting.

How Does Fluorescent Lighting Trigger Migraines?

Fluorescent Light Health HazardsThere are a lot of things that can trigger a migraine. These include sensitivity to certain foods, allergies, tension, sinus issues, and even certain smells and noises. Many people are also sensitive to light, especially fluorescent lighting. This can also lead to a migraine attack.

Why is this the case? It appears that blue light is the culprit. This is a specific wavelength of light emitted by older fluorescent lights, the ones that are still commonly seen in many types of workplaces. Fluorescent lights emit more blue light than LED, incandescent, or other forms of lighting.

There are other instances where a type of disorder known as Irlen Syndrome can contribute to light sensitivity, and lead to a migraine. This disorder interferes with the ability of the brain to properly process certain light wavelength. You should keep track of your migraine attacks if possible. The reason is this will help identify your patterns of attacks so you can determine whether or not fluorescent lighting plays a role.

While this is an important step, you should also make sure you see a doctor. He or she will make a diagnosis of whether or not you are suffering from migraines, or if you have some other type of issue.

Glare and Migraines

Fluorescent lights produce a great deal of glare because they’re often far brighter than people need them to be in order to see. When this occurs, eyestrain is usually the result. This leads to a sort of domino effect, as eyestrain can lead to headaches, which can, in turn result in migraine symptoms.

If you’re working in front of a bright computer screen at the same time you’re under bright fluorescent lights, that can make the problem even more pronounced. The combination of the screen, plus the light reflecting off of that screen, can easily trigger a migraine attack.

What to Do if Fluorescent Lighting is Triggering Migraines

There is hope if fluorescent lighting is playing a role in making you miserable. Unlike older models of fluorescent light bulbs, newer bulbs don’t produce nearly as much blue light. These new lights are more diffused, helping to reduce discomfort.

It’s not only important to use new bulbs, it’s also important to use filters to diffuse that light even further. Light filters can greatly reduce eyestrain, and that can deliver a whole host of benefits. Not only will you find relief, you’ll also be able to do a better job of concentrating. This, of course, will make you more productive.

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There is a way you can reduce fluorescent light health hazards – light filters from Make Great Light. Our filters produce full spectrum light that provide the benefits of sunlight – minus the dangerous consequences of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Learn more by getting in touch with us online or by calling 612-399-6484.

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