Fluorescent Light Diffuser Covers

Feel like you’ve been out in the sunshine all day

Take your health and environment into your own hands with NaturaLux™ fluorescent light diffuser covers from Make Great Light. They are easy to install, flexible, and will enable you to block UV rays and glare and fill your office, classroom, healthcare facility, or retail store with healthy, full-spectrum light.

Shortcomings of Artificial Light

Fluorescent Light Diffuser CoversAchieving the correct light intensity is the main challenge with artificial lighting systems, and dim lights are as harmful as high-intensity lighting.

When you work in a dimly lit room, your eyes are forced to work harder to see images, sometimes resulting in headaches. Dim lights can also cause drowsiness and reduced focus, which often diminishes employee motivation and performance.

High-intensity lighting, however, which is typical with fluorescent lights, can also cause adverse effects. Working in over-illuminated spaces can cause eyestrain and migraines, and many people find it difficult to concentrate.

The NaturaLux™ filters sold by Make Great Light will transform your existing fluorescent lights into full-spectrum lighting. Our full spectrum light filters last for many years and are reusable. Over the long run, they are much more cost-effective solutions than using full-spectrum light bulbs, daylight bulbs, or light therapy boxes.

Advantages of Full Spectrum Light

Full-spectrum lighting offers many advantages that can improve your environment and health. Here are some examples:

Better Vision: Full spectrum lighting helps constrict the pupil, increasing the depth of your field of vision and improving visual acuity. It can help you read faster with less fatigue.

Truer Color: Fluorescent light makes everything look ugly and yellowish. Full-spectrum light shows TRUE colors that look brighter and properly saturated.

More Energy:  Exposure to too much fluorescent light has been shown to cause fatigue. If you frequently have little energy, you may not be getting enough full-spectrum light.

Better Sleep: Full-spectrum light exposure helps your body produce serotonin and melatonin, two important hormones that regulate sleep cycles. A healthy circadian rhythm can help you fight depression and insomnia and may be especially effective for older adults.

Fewer Migraines: Many people who suffer from migraines and other headaches find that light-sensitivity, especially to fluorescent lighting, may be the most frequent trigger for their headaches. The subliminal flickering of fluorescent lighting is also a contributing factor. NaturaLux™ filters and covers provide all of the benefits of natural, full-spectrum sunlight which less likely to trigger a migraine.

Lower Risk of Cancer: Suppressing the production of melatonin in the body has been linked to a greater risk of developing cancerous tumors. Full-spectrum lighting enables the pineal gland to naturally produce melatonin and may help prevent premature skin wrinkling and aging as an added bonus.

Less Depression: Lighting has an impact on people’s moods. Individuals who live in areas that receive lower amounts of sunlight in the winter are prone to developing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Full-spectrum light mimics natural sunlight and is shown to help those with depression and the “winter blues.”

Make Great Light Can Help

Combat the negative effects of fluorescent lighting with NaturaLux™ light diffuser covers from Make Great Light that will give the lighting a fuller spectrum. Shop online, use the contact form on our website, or give us a call at 612-399-6484 to learn more about our products.


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