Fluorescent Light Diffuser

Reduce brightness and glare

Are you using a fluorescent or LED light diffuser in your workplace to create softer, evenly distributed light?  NaturaLux™ premium light filters from Make Great Light provide daylight-quality lighting without the harsh glare and UV radiation when used with diffusers. They will create a healthier, more soothing environment for your indoor space. 

Fluorescent Light DiffuserNaturaLux™ light filters and covers are manufactured in the USA and distributed online exclusively by Make Great Light. Since 1999, we have provided high-quality lighting solutions invented by Kevin Kirschner, a renowned ophthalmic specialist, for fluorescent and LED lights.

We are dedicated to transforming office, classroom, hospital. and retail environments with full spectrum light that has a positive impact on the health of students, teachers, patients, and employees.

Benefits of Light Diffusers

  • Less Stress: Fluorescent and LED lights can be harsh on the eyes and their glare and flicker can cause stress, headaches, migraines, and other issues related to the central nervous system. Bright natural light has a cheering effect, and bright light therapy is often used to treat depression. Diffusing the light with a NaturaLux™ light filter or cover can help decrease stress and improve your mood.

  • Greater Productivity: Compared to the harshness of the light from fluorescent or LED lights, soft, pure white light relaxes the eyes and helps us concentrate. With greater concentration comes greater productivity, which is beneficial for businesses and schools.

  • Less Fatigue: Many people who spend their days under the harsh glare of artificial lights feel as if their bodies and brains are slowing down. Those who are sensitive to the flicker of fluorescent and LED lighting often experience fatigue, headaches, heightened anxiety, reduced ability to concentrate, and eye strain. Diffusing the light with NaturaLux™ filters can reduce the symptoms and give you more energy throughout the day.

  • Better Sleep: Sleep is a fundamental ingredient for good health. Sleep deprivation affects our mood and makes us less alert, so we are less productive. Exposure to natural sunlight helps the pineal gland in our brains regulate the hormones called melatonin and serotonin that control our sleep cycles. NaturaLux™ light filters increase exposure to full-spectrum (white) light that mimics natural sunlight.

Improve Your Environment with NaturaLux™ Filters

Installing light diffusers involves removing the existing light panel and installing the diffuser you selected. Today’s diffusers are available in a wide array of different types, including prismatic lenses and parabolic louvers.

NaturaLux™ light filters work in conjunction with diffusers. They are designed to cover your fluorescent and LED lights and offer a cost-effective way to improve your overall lighting without replacing all of the light fixtures themselves.

The many benefits of our light filters include:

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with fluorescent and LED lights
  • Installation can be managed by one person
  • Can easily be cut to match your light size
  • Designed to stand the test of time

Installing light diffusers or filters is a simple process that can reduce the brightness and glare of fluorescent and LED lights. Learn more about the many benefits from Make Great Light. Use our online contact form or get in touch with us at 612-399-6484 for answers to all of your questions.

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