Fluorescent Bulb Flickering

Fluorescent bulb flickering isn’t just incredibly frustrating and annoying – it can also contribute to a wide range of health issues. Light covers from Make Great Light could be the solution. Our NaturaLux™ light filters work with not only fluorescent lights, but also LED lights. School districts, offices and hospitals across the U.S. have used our products, and they’ve helped countless people find relief from lighting-induced headaches, eyestrain and more.

How Fluorescent Lighting Works

Fluorescent Light FlickeringFluorescent tubes and lamps contain gases and vapors. They interact to produce ultraviolet light, a form of radiant energy. When the UV light is charged by electricity, that creates a coating of powder inside the tube. This, in turn, creates the fluorescent light that fills the room.

There are a lot of reasons why fluorescent lights are so popular. The biggest one is that they last as much as 20 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. They also produce much less heat, so they’re more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks of fluorescent lighting outweigh the benefits for a lot of people – especially when they flicker. Here are just a few of the problems fluorescent bulb flickering can cause.

The Negative Effects of Fluorescent Bulb Flickering

If you work or go to school in an environment with fluorescent lights, then you’ve undoubtedly experienced flickering. This can be an annoying problem for most people, but for some it’s much worse. These fast changes in brightness can lead to severe issues.

There are many people who are extremely sensitive to flickering fluorescent lights. It can make them disoriented, and can also make them very distressed. Imagine being affected by flickering in this way, yet having to endure it for hours each day at work or in a classroom.

It’s understandable how flickering lights can sap a person’s productivity. They might not be able to concentrate on their work or on their studies. If someone is in a dangerous job, even a momentary distraction can lead to a severe injury – or even worse.

Autistic children can also suffer serious consequences from flickering lights. They’re often so troubled by the flickering that they perform odd, repetitive behaviors.

Even though many of today’s fluorescent lights address the issue of flickering, there are still millions and millions of older lights still being used. They’re found nearly everywhere, including classrooms, offices, hospitals and more.

Solving the Problem

Trying to look elsewhere in a room to escape a flickering fluorescent light is basically the only line of defense for far too many people. That’s not a solution. What is a solution? NaturaLux™ filters from Make Great Light. They mimic the healthy, natural light of the sun (without the dangerous ultraviolet rays), greatly diminishing the effects of flickering for good.

These filters contain colored pigments inside plastic. The pigments provide a more balanced, natural light to any indoor environment, and are made to easily fit inside all lighting fixtures. Once installed, they’ll deliver soothing light for years, no matter how many times fluorescent lighting has to be changed out.

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