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Do I Have Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms?

As the name suggests, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, if you like, is a special type of depression related to seasonal changes. Like many seasonal diseases, SAD begins and ends at a certain time every year. Most people start experiencing SAD symptoms during fall all the way into winter months. Fortunately, this disorder rarely affects people during spring or summer.

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Honest Customer Reviews

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Is Lighting Making You Tired at Work?

If you remember the classic Tom Hanks movie “Joe vs. the Volcano,” you know that one reason the main character set out for a life-changing adventure was those blinking fluorescent lights in his office that he felt were just sucking the life force out of him.

If you’ve spent even one day in a work environment without natural light, then you know how the dreary indoors make your body and mind feel like it’s shutting down.

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Light filters for classrooms

Can Classroom Lighting Help Keep Students Alert?

Generally, we tend to think that the yellow lighting we are accustomed to is the “warmest” light and one that will simulate sunlight the closest. However, a recent study shows that a color on the other end of the spectrum, blue lighting, helps children stay focused and healthy, especially when exposed during early hours of the school day.

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Can Changing Classroom Lighting Improve Students Vision?

Classroom lighting can be an overlooked factor for children’s success in school. However, studies have shown that lighting quality affects students’ abilities to see clearly, concentrate and perform well in the classroom. Since lighting plays a critical role in our everyday lives, it’s worth our while to understand the quality of light that’s shining down on our children.

In the first part of our Classroom Lighting Matters series we’ll explain how replacing traditional classroom lighting with full-spectrum lighting helps students’ performance in the classroom.

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What Are Full Spectrum Light Bulbs?

Have you ever noticed that the more time you spend indoors, the more you tend to feel tired, depressed, or both? This is perfectly natural, because the light generated by the fluorescent lighting common to our homes and offices fail to provide the full spectrum of light that the sun provides. This is where full spectrum light bulbs come in, because such bulbs are designed to more closely replicate the intensity and range of colors found in natural daylight.

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fluorescent light migraines

Is Fluorescent Lighting Causing My Migraines?

If you’re anything like about 18 million Americans, you suffer from migraine headaches. A migraine usually includes such symptoms as a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. It is relatively easy to diagnose migraines, but figuring out what the triggers are for your migraines can be much more difficult.

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