Stop Fluorescent Light Headaches

Eliminate glare that causes eyestrain, visual fatigue, headaches and migraines with fluorescent light filters

Fluorescent light filters reduce headaches & migrainesThe harsh glare of fluorescent lights can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life. The glare is caused by the over-illumination of fluorescent lighting, which can cause eyestrain. Eyestrain leads to visual fatigue and can cause headaches and trigger migraines. The glare reflects off all surfaces and becomes even worse when working in front of a computer screen.

Ergonomics experts agree that solving glare-related problems is not only good for employees, it is good for the companies because it greatly improves employee productivity. Learn how your company or organization can save money by using fluorescent light filters.


Did you know: A survey of optometrists indicated that 10 million eye exams are provided annually in the United States due to the visual problems caused by fluorescent lighting in conjunction with using a computer.


Fluorescent lights and lighting eyestrainEliminate fluorescent light glare

NaturaLux™ fluorescent light filters give your eyes relief from the constant strain of fluorescent light glare. Because of this you will be able to concentrate more, read better and increase your productivity. Our light filters remove 100% of glare created by fluorescent lights.



Full spectrum light

In addition to removing fluorescent light glare, our fluorescent light filters provide full spectrum light. Our filters are more cost effective than full spectrum light bulbs and provide the benefits of natural sunlight, without UV radiation.

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full spectrum light from light filters